A little bit about me…

I believe wholeheartedly that we all have a story to tell. Our story becomes our meaning, and our meaning determines how we live our lives. I believe that connection is what we all need, and vulnerability, what we’re all afraid of, is how we get there. I love story, and I love connection and there's a few ways I help others redefine their story and connection to themselves, to people they love and to the world.

Therapy + Coaching

Life I create space for you to explore, define, develop and enhance the story of your life - what it looks like, what it feels like and what you want it to be. From home to work to relationships with just about anyone and anywhere and everywhere in between we start by peeling back the layers of what makes uniquely and extraordinarily you, you. From there we build leading to the most important question: What do you want your life/work/love to look and feel like? Let's find out and create a life you're in love with.

I'm fueled by people leading in the work of defining moments and deep relationships. Brené Brown’s work on vulnerability, shame, wholehearted living and revolutionizing life through your story have become the lens not only through which I work but through which I live and I’m incredibly passionate about it. As a Certified Daring Way Facilitator™ I use Brené’s work daily in sessions, groups and within my own life to spread the message of empowering the ways you live, love, parent, and lead™.

Relationship I've held an IL license in Marriage and Family Therapy since 2008.  Because of my passion and experience, I have the unique capability in seeing the world through the lens of systems that influence us; both small micro systems and larger more macro systems. No one is an island, even though it may feel that way at times, especially when it comes to our relationships. Due to my undeniable passion for making relationships work, I've completed the Level 3 Gottman Method Couple's Therapy training. I am grateful to work with couples experiencing the need for more intimacy, connection and better communication. Whether through life events and circumstances, a change in heart, or just time, couples everywhere experience change. Sometimes it brings them together, other times it becomes part of a wedge between two. I love helping couples have deeper, more meaningful connection and conversation that allows for incredible opportunities to grow together and at the very least call out the stuff that just isn't working for them anymore. I'm a big believer in healthy grown-up relationships fueled by vulnerability that make not just love stories last but work relationships, friendships, and parent-child relationships last too.

Career and Workplace We spend so much of our time and energy doing what we do everyday - working. It makes sense then that if we're not in a healthy workplace environment or work relationship or doing something that fulfills us daily, burnout and resentment get triggered. Once triggered, those can be hard to manage if left to their own devices. Because my lens sees the whole system, I can help you identify important self-defeating and limiting beliefs you may have when it comes to work, including the patterns and relationships that might be affecting your ability to succeed. I can also help you find the work you were meant to do and make a plan with you to make it happen. I use tools like the  VIA, MAPP, Wheel of Life, the Enneagram, and the Gene Keys to help you identify your natural-given talents and strengths and build a career - and life - out of those.

Writing Writing is my primary love language and a passion I just couldn’t live without. I write poetry, articles, blogs, and love notes. I love writing about some of the most common and even uncommon emotions and experiences we all share. From being a therapist to being a parent, and a wife, and in general a human being, I love writing about whatever it is that makes me think. You can read more about that in my Blog and I hope you do!

Other things I'm into...reading, photography and travel. My goal in life is like yours, to grow in a way that allows me to be curious, connected and wholehearted everyday. Each day is a new one.