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Photography Helps Me Settle My Fear of Time
January 2019

Time can be scary but photographing the moments helps me re-tell and recall the story visually. There's also time to put the camera down and just be present as well.

You’re Not Entitled to Everything and Neither am I
March 2018

Our sense of deserving can get in the way of truly deepening our own understanding and connection within ourselves and relationships.

Why I’ll Never Stop Wanting to Fit in on Social Media, No Matter How Old I Get
February 2018

Our sense of belonging and wanting to belong stays with us regardless of age.


individual Work

Therapy for yourself or someone you love is an incredible time for reflection and self-processing. I work with individuals to uncover strengths, passions and wholehearted living in whatever way that means for you.


couples Work

Relationships are what gives life meaning and they're also the foundation - our home base - of our emotion. If our relationships are solid, life feels solid. On shaky ground or full of conflict and confusion? A relationships' power has a tendency to transfer onto all things. Relationships are one of the most unique elements in life because they're one of the only areas that if affected, affects everything else around us automatically. Not all of life's elements work that way.



Life and career design. Workplace culture and connectivity. Values, passion, life goals and dreams. I can help coach you to create a life you’re in love with.


group Work

As a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator I am certified to run groups based off of the work of Brené Brown, Ph.D. Rising Strong™, The Daring Way™, The Gifts of Imperfection™ and Bold™ along with others are run frequently in person in the Naperville location.